Rachelle & Steven / Rustic Barn Engagement / Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Rachelle and Steven met through a mutual friend while Steven lived in Jasper. Nine years later Steven planned to surprise Rachelle with an adventurous proposal, he found the perfect engagement ring and hid it in the basement ceiling in their home. Rachelle and Steven took a trip to Arizona and while on a hike Steven popped the question (while almost dropping the ring down the mountain) so sweet!! Steven and Rachelle live on an acreage just outside of the city so it was only fitting we embraced the country feel for their engagement session. Rachelle came across an abandoned rustic barn and knew it was the perfect location. They surprised me by showing up with perfectly matching outfits and a beautiful matching couch (which Steven accidentally broke the leg off of, he really has the worst luck) and magic was created! I simply can not wait for their wedding at Blue Meadows next Spring, I just know its going to be pure magic as well.