Forage and Fern Workshop at Bodega Ridge Galiano Island

I recently attended the Magnolia Rouge Forage and Fern Workshop this past October, it was held at Bodgea Ridge on Galiano Island British Columbia. I had such an amazing week, I felt the need to share it with the rest of you! When we first arrived at the cabins we were greeted with a gorgeous welcome package filled with delicious treats and beautiful fine art prints from Brumley and Wells. The cabins themselves were a little slice of heaven each with 3 private bedrooms, a fireplace complete with complimentary firewood and cozy Pendleton blankets. I would love to tell you all about the food at Bodega Ridge but there are no words strong enough to describe the delicious gourmet meals we were served each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner (Seriously, I gained 5 lbs and it was so worth it!). Our classes started each morning after breakfast, we poured ourselves a cup of warm tea and immersed ourselves in the wealth of knowledge and creative inspiration from Magnolia Rouge, Brumley and WellsPonderosa and Thyme, The Find Lab, Jonathan Canlas and Belinda Olsen. Kate from Magnolia Rouge and Annie from The Wells Makery created several styled shoots for us all around the island, which I will be sharing with you in the coming months. Our models Maja and Heather were amazing to work with. These women modeled in some very cold conditions with very little to keep them warm and they made it look effortless and beautiful. Jessica Wilcox provided hair and makeup for the styled shoots and is a master in her craft. I wish she lived here in Canada so I could have her do my hair and makeup everyday! When we weren't learning or shooting we were gathered around the bonfire making s'mores and getting to know each other. I met some of the most amazing people in the industry and made some great new friends that I miss already. By the time the workshop was at an end none of us wanted to leave. If you haven't been to Bodega Ridge I highly suggest you take a little vacay there. I have never been more relaxed and inspired in my life! And I can't wait to return soon.