The Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are a great way for you and your main squeeze to work out those jitters in front of the camera, create some images for your save the dates or even include your furry family members in some of the shots. For me the number one reason is simple...  I want to get to know you better and the best way to do that is to spend some time together exploring your favourite places. I want to create something more for you then just some simple portraits in a park setting so lets spend some time chatting about some spots that hold a special place in your heart. Maybe it's at your family cabin, drinks at the restaurant you proposed at, or the college campus where you first met. Lets take an adventure together!


Wedding Day: Getting Ready

Some of the day's most amazing emotional moments happen here. Anticipation is in the air and emotions are running high. In addition to finding a space that your entire team will fit comfortably into (bridesmaids, hair & makeup artists, mom's & family members, photographer and videographer) you will need a space with good light. When looking at venues, try to find a space that is well lit without interior lights..... think big windows, high ceilings and light colored walls. If you're having trouble finding a place like this no worries! There are studios around the city like                            The Photographers Studio that can be rented by the hour for just this purpose.


Wedding Day: First Look

Although it's a personal decision each and every couple makes, opting for a first look moment before the ceremony is definitely something to consider. A first look can be an instant chill pill for you and your partner. The pressure is off and you can move through the rest of the day with ease.

Ladies - real talk. First looks do NOT mean you've ruined your chance at an emotional reaction from your man when you walk down the aisle. On the contrary, I find most grooms have an even stronger reaction during the first look because it's a moment just the two of you share alone and he doesn't have to worry about maintaining his strong manly image in front of everyone he knows. Remember, when you walk down the aisle, he's reacting to you and the fact that you are about to become his wife. A first look will not erase those feelings.


Wedding Day: Portraits

Timing is crucial when it comes to portraits on the big day. In the absence of a first look, we will start with family formals, then wedding party portraits and finish with just the two of you. When you do a first look, we'll do all that just in reverse. Often its a time crunch when we try to squeeze all of these photos intococktail hour. If there's a first look, we can skip some stressful moments by planning to split it all up a little bit.

We'll schedule plenty of time away from everyone else for the bride and groom portraits. It will just be the three of us so you will have plenty of space to relax, get comfortable and be yourselves together. After all, no one likes cuddling with a group of heckling friends and family around.

Portrait's with warm glowing light are absolutely stunning so leave some time around sunset to step away and get some of that gorgeous golden-hour light. During fall and winter weddings this light fades fast. If your ceremony is later in the day, we will shoot portraits early on to avoid chasing the sun. And when in doubt, I'll come grab you guys when the light is just right.


Wedding Day: The Ceremony 

Church Ceremonies: Make sure you chat with church officials and understand any potential restrictions on in-church photography. Know what you’re getting into if great ceremony photos are important to you. Some churches only allow photography taken from the back of the church, i.e. no shots of your expressions, while some churches allow no photography at all.

Outdoor Ceremonies: Light often plays a key factor in how outdoor ceremony shots turn out, regardless of season.

For summer weddings, it’s good to avoid peak afternoon hours (12-4 pm, usually), when light is harsh and temperatures run high. The groom will thank you.

Ideal “golden-hour” light is two hours before sunset. Keep in mind the sun sets later in the summer. If a golden hour ceremony doesn’t work for your wedding schedule, try to find a venue with open shade (think shady sides of barns, large trees, etc.) to prevent uneven light and squinty eyes. If no shade is available, always place the sun behind the altar.  Make your guests squint, not your groom.


Wedding Day: Family Portraits

If you have formal family portraits in mind, make sure you have a concise list of groupings prepared. In most cases, it’s best to stick to portraits with parents, siblings, grandparents and nieces & nephews. Some family portraits may take place at the altar, but we’ll mostly be looking for spots to shoot with great light and a gorgeous background. Remember, we can always  get more informal group shots with cousins and extended family members during the reception without the time crunch.

It’s always easiest to corral family members right after the ceremony when everyone is still in one place. Make sure to tell everyone to stay put post-ceremony to avoid mix-ups and delays.


Wedding Day: The Reception

You made it! High five!

Reception lighting can make or break the character and beauty to of reception shots. Bistro and hanging lights are great for barns and outdoor receptions, while amber uplighting in ballrooms provides a flattering, warm glow.                           As a photographer, light is kind of my thing, so when in doubt, ask.

I always bring my own flashes to light the reception space, especially for formal dances on the dance floor. I’ve found each space has its own lighting quirks, so I recommend doing parent dances before first dances. That way, any potential kinks with flash and lighting are worked out before the two of you have your first dance

If your DJ or band is bringing lights for the stage or dance floor, make sure you chat with them prior to the reception. Please, please puh-leaaaase avoid using laser lights at your reception so that I in turn can skip taking pictures of your guests with red and green dots on their faces.