My creative process for a wedding is centred around your love, passions and personal style.

I view the world through a lens of light and beauty, documenting not just how your day looks, but how it feels. 

Raised in Alberta, I spent most of my summers vacationing in the Okanagan Valley which quickly came to feel like my second home. There is nowhere else in Canada quite like the Okanagan. From the picturesque vineyard and orchard covered hills to the crystal blue lake waters, it is true bliss and was my ultimate "someday" goal. In the early Autumn of 2020 I took Andrew to Kelowna for our very first vacation together and he instantly fell in love with the beautiful landscape and charming lifestyle just like I did all those years ago. Knowing it was my dream to live there one day he said "why not now?" and the rest as they say is history. 

We are now living our dream, slowly renovating our forever home nestled between a peach orchard and several vineyards, and capturing the most beautiful weddings of the most amazing couples who love the Okanagan Valley just as much as we do. 

Minted Photography officially started in 2015 but it really started the moment I held a camera for the first time as a child. While other children came to career day dressed as doctors or teachers, I went dressed as a photographer equipped with my fathers old Yashica FX-D Quarts camera, my first love affair with film. I am constantly inspired by history, travel, art and experiences that leave your soul feeling just a little bit richer.

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