Michelle and Travis wanted their engagement photos to show off the beautiful city they live and met in, Edmonton Alberta. We explored the area where the new Walterdale bridge was built and found some beautiful little spots that really made the skyline of Edmonton shine! Since it was a nice warm evening I asked Michelle and Travis if they were okay with wading in the river and I LOVE that they jumped in without hesitation! I got in there too and it was far from warm but the resulting images made it all worth it! I also have to send a huge thank you to them again for bringing me Bubble Tea! You guys, I have a not so secret addiction to Bubble Tea and Michelle and Travis introduced me to COCO's which I am now also obsessed with! 

Film scans by The Canadian Film Lab 

a young engaged couple standing arm and arm on the new Walterdale bride in Edmonton Alberta

Can you guess what their wedding date is? ;) 

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