While on the island of Zakynthos Greece, we met this super fun couple on the beach. They seen me taking some photos of the landscape and asked if I could take a few of them on their IPhone. I happily obliged and Jeff instantly spoke up and told them that I was an actual photographer and that if they wanted to do some really nice photos at sunset we knew a pretty little olive grove just up the road. I was worried they were going to think we were cereal killers but they got really excited and we planed their session for later that evening. We had so much fun exploring the countryside doing their photos that we decided to go to a  beautiful local restaurant on the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean after for dinner and drinks! That right there is part of the reason I love photography so much, it always brings people together, sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

Film scans by The Canadian Film Lab  

see a young couple walking hand and hand through a olive grove

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