Kelowna Honeymoon

Did you know you can hire a photographer for your Kelowna Honeymoon?

It may seem like a bit much, you just spent so much on a wedding, why spend even more for your honeymoon. But let’s give this some thought, the big day is over and your marriage is now on day one and you are in a magical location, full of excitement for this next phase of your life together.

a couple cuddle in bed on their Kelowna honeymoon
a bridal bouquet of pink tulips and peonies
a man holds his wife in their bed
a man in grey loungewear cuddles his wife

That just married feeling creates a new view on everything from the first time you refer to each other as husband and wife to the first picture you post with your new last name.

a man and wife cuddle in bed on their honeymoon
an open villa bedroom window with a sheer curtain blowing in the wind
a man and wife in bed in their Kelowna honeymoon suite
a woman in a white shirt smiling at her husband

A Kelowna honeymoon session will capture that newlywed bliss and the photos will bring you back to how you felt in that moment forever!

a couple posing for their honeymoon boudoir session in Kelowna
a woman plays with her husband's hair in bed on their honeymoon

The pressure to document our every experience is mounting but your honeymoon should be a time for just the two of you.

a man and woman playfully wrestling in bed on their honeymoon in Kelowna

Take the pressure off to take the perfect pic of yourself. An hour or so with your photographer and you can pack your phone away for the rest of the trip.

a woman smiles and rests on her husbands chest
a husband and wife hold hands in bed
a man gently kisses his wife's cheek
a purple blanket draped in a Honeymoon suite
a couple poses in a window of their Kelowna honeymoon villa

Plus, you already look amazing! Seriously – you have that newlywed glow!

a man kisses his wife's head for their honeymoon boudoir session in Kelowna
a man and wife share a coffee in the kitchen
a woman rests her hand on a blue kitchen countertop

Professional photos are pieces of art and you will love having quality images to frame and display as a treasured reminder of this special time in your life.

a man and woman drink coffee in their Kelowna honeymoon villa
a woman reaches for a piece of toast
a man feeds his wife a piece of toast as she sits on the kitchen countertop
a white linen bed in a Kelowna honeymoon suite

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