Vancouver Sunset Beach Engagement

The sky came alive for this beautiful Vancouver sunset beach engagement.

The evening was perfect, and yes it was windy, but wind off the ocean lends a certain magic to photos.

Vancouver sunset beach engagement sessions in the summer are my absolute favourites! The light is always romantic and dreamy, the weather is warm, and the feeling of sand between your toes puts you Immediately in a light are carefree mood.

an engaged couple on Vancouver beach
an engaged couple at sunset on Vancouver beach
an engaged couple kiss on a beach at sunset

I could have photographed these two all day, they were so full of sweet smiles an intimate moments.

Not only do they make a beautiful couple, they are so kind and so genuine.

a woman resting her head on her fiancés shoulder
a man kissing his fiancés cheek

Long flowy gowns in soft pastel tones are absolutely perfect for the beach. They lend a romantic and whimsical feeling and are also very flattering in any pose. Especially if they also have a slitted skirt.

a man kissing his fiancés shoulder
a woman wearing a diamond engagement ring
a couples poses for engagement photos on Vancouver beach
an engaged couple kiss during sunset

Salty sweet kisses on the beach are the best!

a woman holding a bridal bouquet on Vancouver beach
a man holding his fiancée on Vancouver beach
a romantic engagement session at sunset

Bouquets are not just for the wedding day! They make the perfect accessory for engagement sessions as well and help bring focus to your hands (and engagement ring!)

a woman wearing an engagement ring holding a white bouquet
an engaged couple dressed in blue on Vancouver beach
a woman looking at her fiancée with love

Engagement sessions are the perfect time to get creative with your photos.

We did an experimental film double exposure with a silhouette of the couple and the bouquet.

The result was amazing!

a fine art engagement session

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