Kelowna beach proposal

Kelowna Proposal

Andres and Jasmine dove up from Vancouver for a weekend to enjoy the beauty of the Okanagan Valley and left engaged after Andres’s perfectly planned Kelowna proposal.

Arriving to Peachland Beach by boat, Andres had told Jasmine that they were going to tour the lake and then go for a romantic dinner by the water to watch the sun set.

They walked along the dock to a beautifully styled set up by Vintage Origami Events where he dropped to one knee and asked the question she had been waiting for.

Jasmine burst into tears as Andres carried her across the beach to the beautiful floral alter.

Andres asked her to spend forever with him, Jasmine’s answer was of course yes!

Andres was originally planning his Kelowna proposal via helicopter wine tour but a few forest fires in the nearby areas made It too smoky for a helicopter to fly safely so we came up with a plan B. 

And since the Okanagan is known for its beautiful lakes, a beach is always the perfect location.

He rented a boat and planned to dock it at Peachland beach where he had an elaborate proposal set up waiting.

And what started as a cloudy evening quickly turned into the most beautiful sunset.

Completing the evening and making it the perfect Kelowna proposal.

As the sun set over the mountains, Andres and Jasmine sailed away as a newly engaged couple ready to start an exciting new chapter together.

Photography: Minted Photography

Design & Decor: Vintage Origami Events

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