Kelowna Sunset Beach Engagement

Jordan and Will came to BC for their Kelowna sunset beach engagement session and as luck would have it, thunderstorms were in the forecast. The sky looked ominous but just as we arrived at the beach, the sun started to poke out between the dark clouds. The light was warm but cool, dark but bright and just overall gorgeous.

Jordan and Will met on Bumble.

Jordan’s first impression of Will was that he was very kind and funny.

Will’s first impression of Jordan was that she was extremely cute and outgoing.

Will also added I literally told Jordan that I didn’t think I would ever get married on our first date. It’s funny looking back to see how much she’s changed my perspective on marriage

and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

With not much shade coverage and breaks in the clouds, the light completely surrounds them.

Creating a warm glow as they dipped their feet in the gently rolling waves and walked among the rocks.

Jordan and Will’s Kelowna sunset beach engagement on a serene pebble beach with mountains in the distance

ended up being the most magical evening and the perfect celebration before their wedding in Penticton this fall!

As seen on The White Wren

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