Kelowna Lake Engagement

We woke up early to arrive before the sun rose for Heather and Brent’s Kelowna lake engagement.

The lake was calm and the sun was just coming up over the mountains, it was magical!

an engaged couple sitting on rocks at Kelowna beach
an engaged couple dip their toes in the Kelowna Lake

The warm lake water was inviting and perfect for dipping toes in.

an engaged couple splash in Kelowna Lake

So perfect in fact, that Heather and Brent couldn’t resist splashing around a bit!

a man and woman hug on the beach
an engaged couple kiss on Kelowna Beach

Long days make for incredibly early mornings if you’re trying to catch the sun’s first light, but my goodness is it ever worth it!

an engaged couple kiss at Kelowna Lake
a man whispers into his finance's ear
a woman smiles as her fiancé hugs her
an engaged couple hold hands at Kelowna Lake

Okanagan summer’s are hot and the absolute perfect time for a Kelowna lake engagement.

Especially if you want to play in the water!

an engaged couple hold hands and walk through Kelowna Lake
a couple smile for engagement photos on a cliff in Kelowna
a man makes his fiancé smile

Once the sun was up we followed it to the top of the rocky cliff to chase the amazing lake views!

It was a bit smoky from the nearby Washington forrest fires but nothing can compromise the beautiful Okanagan scenery.

a engaged couple walk along a lake view cliff in Kelowna

A quick wardrobe change offers even more variety for your engagement photos.

Heather picked the perfect pieces from Aritzia to compliment natures pallet!

an engaged couple kiss on a cliff in Kelowna

Heather’s mom gave her a few flower stems to bring with her and they were just the perfect touch!

an engaged couple smell flowers in Kelowna
an engaged couple kiss at sunrise in Kelowna
an engaged couple take in the lake view on a cliff in Kelowna

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Heather’s wardrobe by Aritzia

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